Digital Artist, Film Maker, Designer, Photographer

Welcome to the multimedia portfolio of Tyler LaPan. I am the founder of Moonshine Web Design, a multifaceted print and web design company. Here you will find my current collected works, as well as information about what's new and upcoming.

I am available for hire on a contract or annual basis in the fields of photography, graphic and digital design, videography, large format printing, motion media, and/or management.


Address: Queensbury, NY
Phone: 518.764.3140
Availability: Freelance/Full Time
Tyler LaPan


My skills range from web, graphic and logo design, to branding, social media marketing, and even virus removal. I created this site to showcase my recent and past photographic, videographic and compositing work. To check out my professional work, head over to my company page at Moonshine Web Design.
Compositing, % 85
Film Production, % 70
Graphic/Digital Design, % 90
Large Format Printing, % 85
Motion Graphics, % 60
Photography, % 95
Print Design, % 85
Web Design, % 90
Years of
Photography Experience
Years of
Film Production and Editing
Years of
Web Design Experience
Years of
Print Design Experience



Founder, Moonshine Web Design

As owner of Moonshine Web Design, I manage all aspects of business interactions between clients including business consulting, client/company relationships, and sales pitches. I currently maintain all bookkeeping and financial records for Moonshine Web Design, as well as participate in all activities pertaining to the business, including but not limited to, initial meetings to discuss current and future business plans, strategic oversight including long term advertising goals and planning, execution of advertising goals including design, maintenance, and print vendor communications. I mitigate and organize print, web, and multimedia projects from initial concept/storyboarding to finished product delivery and followup to ensure client satisfaction and production value.


Design Executive, LaPan's Precision

While employed at LaPan's Precision I organized, designed, and executed various marketing campaigns including social media, print, web, and digital marketing. I built and maintained their website, took company photos and oversaw promotional marketing materials from conception to delivery.


Assistant Facilities Manager of Film and Digital Media, SCAD Savannah

As an Assistant Facilities Manager at SCAD Savannah I oversaw student, faculty, and staff interactions with equipment checkout staff to ensure proper handling and rental agreements of film equipment. I also oversaw and organized the motion capture and audio rooms at Montgomery hall. I reported to the facilities manager to ensure building safety, maintenance, technical support issues were handled in a prompt and timely manner and to ensure my employees followed the rules and guidelines set out for equipment rental and check-in.



BFA - Visual Effects

Savannah College of Art and Design
Magna Cum Laude


I have experience with a variety of video equipment and techniques, learned through a combination of college and self exploration. My youtube channel Official Buzzard chronicles my experimentation with different techniques and equipment, and the lessons I've learned over the last 4 years of shooting.


Want to learn more about who I am, or what I do for your business? Are you interested in hiring me for a freelance gig, or maybe something greater? Contact me using the information below.

Queensbury, New York